Bubble Soccer

Are you ready to play soccer like you never have before? The objective of Bubble Soccer is to score against your opponent’s net and knock each other down while trying. You could argue that this is one of those games where defense is more fun. The game starts much like a competitive game of dodgeball. When players hear the whistle, they fearlessly rush into the center to find and kick a soccer ball through their Bubble Ball suit. Players’ hands are fixed inside the bubble, requiring them to maintain balance using just their legs. Mobility is sacrificed in this game – but the Bubble Balls have leveled the playing field for players of different sizes.

Minimum age to participate is 8 years old. Guests under 18 must have parental consent. Meet at the Leisure Center desk. Activity is in the field beside the Leisure Center. 24-hour cancellation period applies. Cancellations inside of 24 hours will pay a penalty of the price of the activity.

30 min. Bubble Soccer – $27 per person


March 17 – May 21, 2023

Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm & 6:00pm

May 26 – September 4, 2023

Daily at 1:30pm & 6:00pm

September 5 – October 1, 2023

Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm & 6:00pm

November 23 – 25, 2023 (Thanksgiving Week)

Thursday – Saturday 11:00am & 1:30pm