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Experience Ultimate Pickleball Bliss at The Resort at Glade Springs’ Exclusive Retreat!  Our Pickleball Retreat is available for you and your friends or family over the weekend of May 23 – 26 or October 24 – 27, 2024. Must be at least 13 years for this package.

Retreat starts at $205 per person, per night, plus tax and resort fee, based on double occupancy for a 4D/3N package with instruction and includes:

Get ready to elevate your game and indulge in a weekend of fun, learning, and relaxation at The Resort at Glade Springs’ Pickleball Retreat.

Designed for both beginners and seasoned players alike, our Pickleball Retreat offers a carefully curated itinerary packed with exciting activities:

Thursday: Check-in and Open Play
Upon arrival, guests will be warmly welcomed and checked into their accommodations. The afternoon will be dedicated to open play, allowing attendees to get acquainted with the courts and meet their fellow pickleball enthusiasts and your coaches for the weekend.

Friday: Private Instruction with Pickle Savvy
Start your day with a delicious breakfast before diving into a series of private instruction sessions conducted by Pickle Savvy, renowned experts in the sport. Whether you’re refining your technique or mastering advanced strategies, this personalized coaching experience guarantees to take your game to new heights.

Saturday: Pickleball Tournament and Dining Delights
Gear up for an adrenaline-pumping pickleball tournament exclusively for your group. Compete, showcase your skills, and enjoy the thrill of friendly competition. As the day winds down, savor a culinary treat with a $25 dinner credit at Bunkers or Glade’s Grill, where delectable flavors and refreshing beverages await.

Sunday: Farewell Breakfast and Open Play
Bid farewell to an incredible weekend with a hearty breakfast before indulging in some final rounds of open play. Take advantage of every moment on the courts before checking out at 11:00 AM, carrying cherished memories and newfound skills. But wait, the excitement doesn’t have to end there!

If you’re staying over Memorial Day Weekend, you have the option to extend your stay through Monday, with a complimentary room Sunday night, and participate in an exhilarating Memorial Day Weekend Pickleball Tournament on Sunday at 1:00 PM, mixed with local players. Don’t miss this exclusive chance to showcase your talent and compete against a diverse array of opponents.



Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson Pickle Savvy Pickleball Retreat WV

Jay is committed to creating personalized training programs tailored to each player’s individual needs and aspirations. Whether it’s refining fundamentals, perfecting advanced techniques, or developing winning strategies, Jay provides constructive feedback and guidance to help players reach their full potential. Jay’s passion for pickleball and the promotion of the sport is evident in his accomplishments since he first discovered it six years ago. He has experience recruiting new players, running ladder leagues, directing tournaments, in numerous locations around the state, and coaching groups and individuals of all ages. He is the USA Pickleball Association Ambassador for the southern counties in WV as well as a Professional Pickleball Registry Certified Pro Coach, a Pickleball with Purpose Certified Coach, and a USAPA Level 1 Referee.

Kyler Wilson

Kyler Wilson Pickle Savvy Pickleball Retreat WV

Kyler creates a positive and supportive learning environment where players feel motivated to push themselves and overcome challenges. With a focus on skill development, game awareness, and mental toughness, Kyler empowers their students to elevate their performance and achieve success both on and off the pickleball court. As a pickleball enthusiast, he assists with directing tournaments, refereeing, and coaching to help advance the sport. He is the youngest PPR Certified Coach in West Virginia and has attended the USAP Referee training.

Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson Pickle Savvy Pickleball Retreat WV

Karen has always had an athletic bent, and her passion for pickleball is evident. Karen is a passionate and experienced pickleball coach dedicated to helping players of all levels improve their game and achieve their goals on the court. With a deep love for the sport and years of playing and coaching experience, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every session. She is a Professional Pickleball Registry Certified Coach, and Pickleball with Purpose Certified Coach, and has attended the USAP Referee training.

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