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Resort Activities
wild cave tours
Wild cave tours provide the more adventurous an opportunity to go
beyond the standard walking tour and explore undeveloped parts of
the cavern.
Expert guides will lead you on a four hour
trip through more than a mile of chambers
and passageways that require some
strength and agility to negotiate. At the end
of the journey, you will emerge from the
cave covered in mud, but will be rewarded
with the experience of a lifetime.
No special equipment is necessary.
Beyond your own clothing and boots,
you will be outfitted with helmets, lights,
kneepads, and gloves.
A light snack and water are provided during
the tour and your guide will capture your
experience on film, from the start to the
muddy end. We have showers available
to get cleaned up afterwards and we will
provide a hot picnic lunch for everyone on
the trip at the end.
Each person will receive a set of photos of
the expedition on a CD at no extra charge.
Full Day Wild Cave Tour
per person
Minimum age is 8 years old
Available daily at 8:00 am
24 hour cancellation policy applies.
Things you will need to bring for your tour:
· Two layers of clothing on top
(a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt)
· Long pants
(jeans preferred, no shorts)
· Hiking boots
(sneakers will work, no open toed shoes)
· A complete change of clothing for after your tour
(including shoes, socks and undergarments)
· Towel
(for the shower)
· Garbage bag for all your dirty belongings
· Any medication that is used on an as needed basis
(example: Asthma inhaler)
· Bring a snack that suits your diet
(example diabetic or peanut allergies)