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Resort Activities
The Resort at Glade Springs traverses some of the most spectacular
scenery West Virginia has to offer.
It is the ideal place for a day of hiking in
West Virginia. While hiking our picturesque
trails or forests it is not uncommon to
wander upon a beautiful white tailed deer.
Squirrels and chipmunks frolic playfully
through the wilderness as they search for
nuts and berries.
For bird watchers, our trails and forests are
the perfect places to spot West Virginia’s
state bird the majestic cardinal, red winged
blackbirds, woodpeckers and several other
Little Beaver State Park
Located less than 5 miles from the resort, Little Beaver State Park has a whole lot to do
with little driving. This 562-acre park features 18 hiking trails which range in difficulty
and length.
So whether you are planning a full day of hiking, or a morning stroll through the West
Virginia landscapes, Little Beaver State Park has a hiking trail ready for you.
Grandview National Park
While you are at The Resort at Glade Springs you are in the Grandview area and this is
one attraction you can’t miss out on!
The park has 5 trails with stunning views of the New River and the surrounding
mountains. Featuring an outstanding overlook and the seasonal outdoor drama
theatre, Grandview State Park is amazing.
Bluestone National Scenic River
Bluestone National Scenic River is preserved as a living landscape that provides a truly
natural experience for visitors and a safe dwelling place for a variety of plants and
Bluestone National Park protects a 10-mile section of the Bluestone River here in
Southern West Virginia.
From late spring through fall, Bluestone National Scenic River offers the Bluestone
River Walk, a two-mile round trip hike along the river, led by a park ranger.