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All menu prices are subject to change without prior notice unless they
are on a Banquet Event Order signed by the client and returned to The
Resort at Glade Springs.
Menu Selections are requested a minimum of (3) three weeks prior to
the event.
We need your assistance in making your banquet a success. Final counts
for scheduled events must be guaranteed by noon (EST) (5) five days in
advance. If for any reason the guarantee is not received by that time, the
most recent projected figure will be considered as the final count. This
will be considered your minimum guarantee, not subject to reduction,
for which you will be charged should fewer people attend.
In addition to the above stated guarantee policy, the following
requirements will apply to all plated meal functions offering a choice of
entrée selections:
• The table seating chart is to be completed and submitted to our
Catering Department no later than (14) fourteen days prior to your
event. For guest convenience, it is customary to provide place
cards for each guest expected to be in attendance. Your Conference
Services Manager will confirm a time that you or a representative
of your company/organization will have access to the event venue
for card display setup.
Guaranteed count for each entrée must be submitted to our Catering
Department a minimum of (7) seven days prior to the scheduled event.
The WV State Liquor Commission regulates the sale and service of
all alcoholic beverages. The Resort at Glade Springs, as a licensee, is
responsible for the administration of the sale and service of alcoholic
beverages in accordance with West Virginia ABC regulations. Provisions
of the resort’s liquor license prohibit the patron or attendees from
providing alcoholic beverages fromoutside sources. Alcoholic beverages
served on resort premises require resort servers and bartenders to
dispense these beverages.
Our alcoholic beverage license requires us to 1) request proper
identification (photo ID) of any person of questionable age and refuse
alcoholic beverage service if the proper identification cannot be
produced; and 2) refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who,
in the resort’s judgment, appears intoxicated. If this policy is violated,
the function(s) may be terminated at this point, without refund. WV
ABC regulations prohibit the resort from serving alcohol before 1pm on
Requests for vegetarian and special dietary menus and needs for a
theme or otherwise customized menu can be accommodated.
We will be happy to prepare a menu to meet your specific requirements.
A minimum two weeks notice is required for customized menu needs.
The selection of facilities for the patron’s function is based on stated
requirements at the time of booking. In the event that such requirements
change, management reserves the right to transfer the function to more
appropriate facilities. Requests to open any of our restaurants earlier
than scheduled will be subject to an additional charge.
In the event of inclement weather, please inform the Conference
Services Department of your desire to relocate to your alternate location
at least (5) five hours prior to the scheduled start time of the function. If
a decision has not been made, then your Sales Manager will confer with
our Conference Services Department to make a decision that is best for
you and your guests.
We require that all groups adhere to the beginning and ending times
stated on your contract. Facilities are available only for those times
We have state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and technicians
available. Your Conference Services Manager will be pleased to discuss
your requirements.
Our Conference Services Managers will be happy to assist you. Please
consult with them before contracting with a private vendor.
Attendants are available at a charge of $25 per attendant, per hour.
Three-hour minimum required.
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